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Company News Update for Aunt Diana's

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Joint Venturing - New Recipe Sku - Mammoth Nation - Loyalty Rewards - Shopping - Gift Cards - Shipping Rates

We have a lot of great news for Aunt Diana's Pasta Sauce

It has been some time since we blogged to our customers about the newest activities for our eCommerce store, distribution for vendors and some exciting news for our customers

We are excited to announce our newest joint venture with

A platform we have joined to allow small business owners the opportunity to access our brand. Mable has many of its own features and promotion for their members, new and registered, so check them out.

Mable allows their vendors to have major discounted shipping rates with their capacity to negotiate great rates and pass them onto the vendor. With this, vendors pay only 25% of shipping cost which is an insurmountable savings especially with today's economic climate and the resulting inflation affecting costs across the board.

This will surely allow such vendors to save on the cost of goods and pass such savings to the consumer.

So check them out and see their incentives!!!

Aunt Diana’s had previously blogged about our partnership with both Faire and Tundra. Each platform having their unique vendor incentives. You can enjoy such savings either with shipping cost or credits towards product purchases. Incentives can range from free shipping and or free product orders. So check them out as well and see which platform works best for you.

Faire, Mable and Tundra are currently running sale promotions on Aunt Diana's with 20 percent off the product's regular price which ends at the end of this month. So please ensure you act while product inventory is available for this promotion.

This is a great time for the small business owner to get our unique product onto their shelves during this June period

Penne Alla Vodka is our new product SKU coming out by September. This rich velvety sauce with pancetta takes our recipe to a new level. This is a must for both vendor and consumer.

Keep a look out on this new SKU

Bolognese- we had expected to roll out our Bolognese SKU some time ago but due to the high cost of beef across America, we had to side bar this SKU until further notice. We want to ensure a fair and equitable price for vendors and consumers and until such time when the market conditions allow us to produce, we will roll this SKU out ASAP and keep you posted.

Mammoth Nation- we are pleased to announce a joint venture with Mammoth

Nation. Our reciprocal relationship allows giving access of our products to members of Mammoth Nation and offering a great discount too retail shopping experience is a great opportunity for members to receive great rewards and incentives. Aunt Diana's allows Mammoth Nation members to receive a lifetime 15 percent discount on all goods. So join now to get great savings on our products as well as other goods and services too!!!

LOYALTY REWARDS- Located under "MORE" tab on home page

Aunt Diana's just launched its loyalty points program when you subscribe to the program. If you subscribe, you immediately receive 5 free points to your account. With each $1 purchase, you earn 1 point.

The program allows you to earn and redeem points once you reach the tiered reward.

You will receive an email as you reached your goal or simply hold onto the rewards until you reach the free product points needed

You can have immediate access to your account reward balances as a member and keep track. Simply join us by pressing the subscribe button on the Loyalty tab button, located on the Home PAge under the tab " MORE".

To check your account simply go to the home page and click on the "LOG IN" button. You can track order, previous orders, product purchased, points etc. and chat between members as a new site member

GIFT CARD- Located under "MORE" tab on home page

Do not forget we offer gift cards for any occasion. No fees or expiration date and redeemable anytime. Any gift card purchase will entitle you to loyalty points as well.

Make Sure to keep an eye out for other new news and events coming to Aunt Diana's

Tell your friends and family to join our subscription and register for discounts, new product and vendor alliances. You will automatically receive our newsletter and blog post to keep you informed.


Great news for everyone. We have finally integrated our bulk rates into our eCommerce site not only to give real time, accurate rates but our bulk rate discounts. This is a major savings of at least 60% from retail rates you traditional experience.

Our checkout provides different shipping rates and carrier services for you to choose from the drop down box to accommodate your type of shipping needs.

Our old system generated estimated USPS rates, now you can enjoy varying carriers and rates to choose from.

Keep safe and stay healthy!!!!

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