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We have a lot of great news for Aunt Diana's Pasta Sauce

Some more updates on our eCommerce store platform and how we are enhancing our programs and services to our customers

LOYALTY REWARDS- Located under "MORE" tab on home page

Aunt Diana's just launched its loyalty points program to all customers. If you subscribe, you immediately receive 5 free points to your account. With each $1 purchase, you earn 1 point.

The program allows you to earn points on each purchase. Your reward is specific to a percentage/or free product once you reach the point goal of reach reward.

You will receive an email as you reached your goal or simply hold onto the rewards until you reach the free product points needed.

You can have immediate access to your account reward balances as a member and keep track. Simply join us by pressing the subscribe button on the Loyalty tab button located under the "MORE" tab on the home page. Once subscribed you can access your account anytime by going to the home page and click on the "LOG IN" button. You can track order, previous orders, product purchased, points etc. and chat between members as a new site member

GIFT CARD- Located under "MORE" tab on home page

Do not forget we offer gift cards for any occasion. No fees, expiration date and redeemable anytime. Any gift card purchase will entitle you to loyalty points as well.

Remember our eCommerce store now has integrated commercial rates, offering the best carrier service for your location.

Keep safe and stay healthy!!!!

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