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Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Aunt Diana's continues to ensure customers have access to our unique Adriatic Infusion Pasta Sauce brand by diligently forging relationships with various distribution networks. By continuing our relationships, allow us to gain the market concentration we seek, offer our products to local communities, and allow access for our brand.

We are glad to introduce our brand to the Keyfood stores and its subsidiaries- Super-fresh ......

Aunt Diana's pasta sauce has gained it reputation as the best premium sauce. Many say we are Raos's plus some!!! We say we are unique and offer the best premium sauce money can buy!!!

We pride ourselves in our specialty crafted sauce going back to it original roots 200 years ago when our family first created this unique recipe. Our infusion method of cooking our sauce, along with our proprietary spices, creates an unparalleled textured sauce and flavor

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