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Aunt Diana's Personal Pizza- Less than 3 minutes prep

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Delicious, light, Very Tasty, Filling & Fast to make

We all have heavy schedules and little time to prepare some delicious and healthy foods while on the run from work, school, gym.….

Some Ingenious steps can dramatically cut your time and effort.


1) Fresh mozzarella or packaged if you prefer

2) Aunt Diana’s Marinara or Filetto Di Pomodoro or Bolognese - each perfectly seasoned for a perfect pizza

3) Dried Oregano and basil

4) Olive Oil or PAM

5) StoneFire Flat bread or Naan Bread ( easy to get at your local supermarket)

6) Toppings- in this case -Sausage - This will add prep time to the 3 minute personal pizza

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and place the bread in the oven to get slightly crisp and lightly brown

Take 1-2 Italian sweet sausage and remove the casing- take a medium frying pan and lightly add oil or use Pam to reduce calories. Cook sausage over low to med heat until pink is removed. Appx 6 minutes

Remove the bread and lightly drizzle olive oil - Drizzle it over do not over dress it

Add Aunt Diana's hand crafted sauces of your choice

Cut thin fresh mozzarella and add over the sauce or sprinkle packaged mozzarella

A light sprinkle of dried oregano and basil or to your liking

Add your topping

Drizzle some more olive oil over the top

What Aunt Diana likes as an added step is to spoon extra sauce around the mozzarella edges for a nice appeal

Cook in the 400 degree oven until mozzarella melts- 5-6 minutes or depending on the oven -do a visual

Walla!! You have your own personal pizza with less than 3 minutes prepping. 1 flatbread makes three squares slices enough for one.

You have a homemade delicious pizza, hands down way better tasting than the pizza you order at your local shop

Personal notes- The Stonefire Naan or Flatbread is fresh, light and airy and a great texture to the bread itself. It makes a great dough base for the pizza without the need to roll it out and bake the dough

Bon Appetite !!!!!

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