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Aunt Diana's New Product line Launch

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Introducing our new line for 2021, Wholesome Ingredients- All Natural

Ingredients are sourced to reflect the moral integrity the purchaser seeks. Our product contains no artificial sweeteners or artificial colors.

Our Wholesome Ingredient brand offers the same authentic Italian sauce like its traditional Marinara and Filetto Di Pomodoro, having the same great authentic flavor and unique texture of its original brand.

Our Wholesome Ingredient brand has a lot fewer calories than other jarred sauces- low in salt content as a low sodium brand, and still offers its low acid tomatoes not found in other brands

Our brand can be found on our shop page and soon to be in distribution

Only in 24 ounce jars both Marinara with fresh Basil and Filetto Di Pomodoro

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