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Aunt Diana's Crafted Pasta Sauce is Boiling Red Hot

Aunt Diana's has been steadily pacing its growth into new markets and expanding on its existing market places. The pandemic has been a factor with all brand expansion goals but Aunt Diana's has not been waning in its ability to attract new loyal customers, whether consumer or vendor.

Aunt Diana's unique proprietary cooking method/style along with its proprietary spices makes it a unique crafted sauce that taste just like it was made right in the kitchen and not from a jar.

Our customers tell it all!!

Aunt Diana's Adriatic Infusion Pasta Sauce is in a bilateral business relationship with 2 online wholesale distributors that cater to the small-independent vendor that traditionally do not have a supply line with an established distributor/wholesaler or simply do not have a purchasing power to deal with a distributor or nearby our manufacturing and distribution center to easily access our brand. Now with Tundra and or Faire, small vendors have the ability to add aunt Diana's to their line of goods without the stress of large case orders.

Both venues have their own protocols with shipping fees either waived or reduced by virtue of certain criteria one would meet. Or credits against a new order simply becoming a new account.

More of this is found on their platforms or

Here our our special direct links for aunt Diana's where more information on ordering our products with both platforms and

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