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Great tasting pasta sauce-aunt diana's
marinara with fresh basil
Filetto di pomodoro-pasta sauce

Aunt Diana's Pasta Sauce is specialty crafted from a family tradition of the Adriatic Region. 200 years of making a unique sauce blend. Taking your palate to a new level of what a true authentic Italian sauce should be.


Aunt Diana's Pasta Sauce is slow cooking with an infusion process of blending its unique fresh ingredients and proprietary spices. We do not add any sugar, and all ingredients are of the highest quality. Our sauce is supervised by family to ensure each batch is of the highest standard.


Marinara with Basil has palated texture, with a smooth zesty blossoming of spices that makes each bite a bountiful desire to crave for the next  serving. Its light touch of hot zest gives the right amount of sensation of heat to enhance all the flavors each taste provides.


The Filetto Di Pomodoro is a robust, hearty sauce texture to give the powerful presence of tomato pieces for those that seek a thicker texture. Each spice commingles with the slightest presence of hot zest, bringing the robust tomato taste to a level of creative texture with flavor. 

Each sauce provides the best texture and flavor to go with any pasta shape or size as the sauce will cradle the pasta in each bite. 

Aunt Diana's Pasta Sauce will be preparing for its future lines of Pancetta Marinata, Bolanese, Arrubbia Marinara  and Escarole and Beans ( a bountiful white sauteed sauce combine with escarole (green Italian veggie and beans) a truly healthy and natural recipe for vegans, organic lovers and healthy eaters

Aunt Diana's Marinara Sauce
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Aunt Diana's Filetto Di Pomodoro pasta sauce
Aunt Diana's sauces
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