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The Nature and beginnings of Aunt Diana's Pasta Sauce

There are plenty of pasta sauces in jars but what makes a pasta sauce not good but great!!! Fresh ingredients-Yes; fresh grown non processed tomatoes-Yes; What is added to the Tomato sauce-Yes.......

But aside from these listed factors, there are other elements that go into a sauce that stands out from the rest- old tradition vestiges that have a linage.

Aunt Diana's Adriatic Infusion pasta sauce-says it all.

Fresh origins, with its special seeded home grown plum tomatoes, special proprietary spices, and old world special cooking process that creates a unique texture and flavors not found in any jarred sauce today.

Aunt Diana's pasta sauces go back to its roots in 1810 from its bucolic East Coast village in the Adriatic region of Italy. Growing on their farmland, its unique ingredients and laying ground to its California roots here in the USA.

The family recipe has its proprietary cooking method with some proprietary spices that makes Aunt Diana's sauces unparalleled to any sauce in the market today. Known for its lack of acidity aftertaste, fresh aroma of basil permeating throughout the sauce, presence of sauteed Julian caramelized onions with its light texture of garlic and special spice infusion, allows the sauce to develop like a fine old aged steak - rich flavors and varying textures !!!

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