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contact us at aunt diana's

Sales 1.866.460.2265 X 1

Customer Support 1.866.460.2265 x2

Registered/New Brokers/Dist 1.866.460.2265 x3

Corporate Office 1.866.460.2265 x4

Accounts Payable/Receivables x5

Customer Service Hours: ( Excluding Holidays)

Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm EST

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

We like hearing from our customers!! Your feedback is important to us.

Our Sauces are a crafted traditional sauces handed down through the ages from 1818. We pride ourselves on all fresh ingredients and our slow infusion style cooking method, making our sauce unparalleled than any sauce in the market place. Our all natural style makes each taste a sensation of great flavor, unique spices and imported tomatoes.


Your feedback will provide  invaluable information whether your testimony of enjoyment, a suggestion, a complaint etc.... 

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